Huge Yard!

Huge Yard!

A lawn the size of a field!

Think you have a “photogenic side” for camera? So does your home!

A picture is usually much more efficient, but in the case of your home’s listing photos, pictures can be thousands of dollars more efficient. It plainly makes sense: buyers often begin their search by surfing through online listings, and if the listing images are blurry or too dark, it’s a lot easier to mark a home off your must-see-in-person list. All in favor of the listings that simply look better on an image.

If you’re taking your photos by yourself, a nice quality camera will do it for starters…  But you also need to know what potential customers are looking for when they inspect homes online. “Taking photographs is one of the most serious steps in the whole selling process,” says Mary Dimario, real estate agent and a president of MER Properties based in MA.

So you’d better listen to these real estate agents’ top recommendations for capturing your home’s most beautiful qualities in a real estate photography.


Declutter and make a central stage

Just as you wouldn’t want your visitors or friends to see your home in a mess, you definitely don’t want prospective clients to know what exact brand of cereal you buy or to spot an old stack of some magazines in the corner of the room. This is where staging comes up.  “Spend time on the details: clean up the bookshelves, tidy up desks, and for a time being get rid of rugs or pieces of furniture that will block the view in your photos,” says Mike Becker of Coldbin Banker in Chicago, IL. “Walk through the the areas where you will photograph each room: What does distract the view there? Remove it to get the best shots of the spacious areas….”

Arrange the pictures in a meaningful way

When buyers bump into your online listing, you have only few seconds to get a hold on their attention…  Chaotically ordered photos can be distracting. Arrange your photos like an organized virtual tour of your home. First, welcome them through the front door and through the first floor before showing them the other parts of your place. This will help the prospective customer to get a better sense of the house layout and feel. “Less is sometimes more,” says Patrick McStephensons, a real estate agent with Douglas Ellan in Sag Harbor, NY. “Listing photos must welcome you into a listing. Don’t make the mistake of trying to completely over-sell it online.”

Make choice parts of your home vocal

While you may like your three freshly painted bathrooms, make sure to photograph the spaces you think will be a trigger a potential buyer and keep out all the rest. For example, if you have an amazing spa bathroom, use an image of that to put viewers in a relaxed mindset, as opposed to daunting and boring them with several images of similar rooms or areas…

Don’t take unrealistic photos

Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to listing photos. “People want the photos to be truly representative of the house, so people come and they either see exactly what they expected they’d see or they comment that the house looks better in life than it does in the photos,” says Albert Bigelow, real estate agent with Kennon Williams Realty Larchmont in Los Angeles, CA. Use those fancy experimental new lenses for your next art project, and be sure to shoot rooms from the corner instead of straight on.

Show off architectural detailing

The time now is ripe to  brag about the crown molding, coffered ceiling, and a large bay window you’ve always been proud about in your home… Potential buyers are always  attracted by interesting architectural details that add to the value of the property (not to mention the home’s character), so show them off in the listing photos!

Exclude the street from exterior images

Just as when you’re taking indoor photos, you want to create the perfect vignette of the outside of your home. Superimposing too much street can make the image feel cold. “Preparation is the key element in achieving great listing photos,” says Carrie Bells, a real estate agent with Coladier in Aspen, CO. “Detect the right time of day or evening for each shot.” If you have beautiful outdoor lighting, so don’t miss taking images at dusk. This can give potential buyers a much better image of the property and landscaping.

Avoid blurry images

This sounds obvious, but every little details matters. Consider investing in a tripod or a steadicam to get your camera not shaking. That will allow you to get the best shot of the room. Check each image after a shot to be sure you got at least one or two crystal-clear images.

Do drone, aerial photos

Really want to make a great impression? Show off your home and acreage from above. Jim Hooks of Realty Two Group in Las Vegas, NV, suggests trying drone photography from the above! So if your neighborhood or homeowners’ association allows it, do it!  “The ‘wow’ factor alone is usually worth the cost,” he says.

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  17. Flushable wipes a costly convenience

    Wipes are a popular and well-understood method of cleaning your toilet seat and toilet seat bowl. But these wipes are expensive. And they’re generally only available from manufacturers certified by the United Nations. But you can wash your hands without using them once a year.

    In April 2017, the French government gave a boost to a company called Shower-Plus that had just begun to market an anti-flushing wipe called Gomit, a disposable roll that is only water-resistance. With its waterproof material, Shower-Plus hopes to lower cost significantly for its wipes: it’s currently $19 for the entire 50-gauge roll ($13.25 in the US) or $20 in the continental United States ($26.88). Shower-Plus’s CEO, Stephane Le Couteur, noted in a June 5, 2017 email to Fortune Magazine that the company “is a result of a lot of hours spent building relationships with the most important players in the technology ecosystem,” and that he hoped to “help other companies to find their own sustainable and scalable solutions.” It also made a point of showing that its wipes were not being rushed by “factory operators,” with “the highest quality. For us, it’s about finding a new business model and giving customers a value-added product, and to get a new and better value.”

    But the company didn’t get everyone excited. In its January 2017 survey of more than 50 countries, more than 70 percent of participants expressed concerns over the cost to users and about the ease with which users could wash their hands without washing away the material and water. About half of survey respondents were also worried that if the company launched its wipes with disposable rolls, they might inadvertently use their wipes to store unneeded toilet paper.

    In response, Le Couteur announced in late 2017 that he is ending his partnership with the French government and that he’s now working on new products. The wipe is now available in the US at Shower-Plus’s Web site and at Shower-Plus’s website.

    Meanwhile, the company is preparing to launch the Gomit disposable roll in Europe this month.

    Banking stocks lead market higher.

    Bank of America Corp. BAC -0.36% tacked on $16 billion in gains before closing at $15.30. The stock was up 4%. Citigroup Inc. C -0.33% rose $16 billion to $15.37.

    Goldman Sachs said it has “positive” long-term outlook for its business with “the highest risk of financial contagion to the U.S. dollar”, while JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM -0.48% added nearly $1 billion in gains, including in financial assets and the company’s debt, and gained about 4%. Morgan Stanley PLC MS -0.29% also added about $800 million.

    Goldman shares closed more than $1,000 higher as the shares of other banks closed on Monday.

    Morgan Stanley also climbed a modest 1%.

    The dollar rose to its lowest level since late July, when the Bank of Canada cut its key lending rate to 0.5% from 1% and the Trump administration moved to roll back regulations on banks.

    Fifty-three major banks increased their trading volume in the U.S. on Monday, according to research firm BMO Nesbitt Burns.

    U.S. wholesale and retail trade, the most traded aspect of the financial industry, climbed 0.4%, while the U.S. investment banking market jumped 5%.

    Related: Bank of America moves to save $1B

    Still, the broader market was down from Monday’s closing high as traders and analysts shifted their expectations on whether the U.S. economy will grow quickly enough to offset the impact of U.S. financial regulations. The benchmark S&P 500 index SPX, +0.00% fell 5.5%.

    Traders expect the U.S. economy to rebound after months of declines amid worries about weak wage growth and the tax policy of President Donald Trump.

    “You will see a lot of stock moving after this market close,” said Ian Gurney, head of U.S. equity for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. “But, it’s not going to have a very profound impact.”

    The bank holiday caused the dollar to rally. The greenback was down 1.3%, or 0.6%, at $1.2963, a range of $1.2724 to $1.2840.

  18. Transasia airways says pilots to face skills test after crash


    An Air New Zealand pilot has been involved in a crash in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, killing three people.

    The crew of Air New Zealand Airman 1, which had been flying from Lumsden airport to Natal, was going out for a routine training flight at 10:30pm when it suffered a mechanical failure on take-off.

    The plane went down with two of the crew on board on the ground while at least two members of the public were taken to hospital as a result of the accident.

    The pilot, 34-year-old Charles Tindall, survived, but three people were believed to have died.

    Chief Executive Officer Mark McGloch is now calling for pilots to undergo skills tests.

    He has also been calling for the air force to review its standards following the tragedy.

    “We’ve been really encouraging the air force to look closely at training,” he said.

    “I think these sort of incidents, where you are getting a pilot involved in a crash and there are two lives that have not been lost, it takes care, it puts a lot of pressure on those people and on the airforce itself.”

    Mr McGloch said the aircraft was not designed for a safety landing, and a pilot must follow an “established pattern of safe and proper manoeuvres”.

    “I’ve never had to make an on-the-spot call to the ground, and I think the lessons learnt were very good, very effective in the case of the Air New Zealand plane,” he said.

    “I’d recommend they come under the responsibility of their country’s air force and do that.

    “They need to develop a culture of safe, proper, skillless aircraft landing and flying.”

    Topics: air-and-space, darwin-0800, nt, australia

    First posted

    Possible debris field spotted in search for mh370: #Malaysia — Johan Kappeler (@JohanKappeler) February 12, 2016

    The two countries have not responded to questions about the missing plane, which crashed in the South China Sea on March 8, killing all 239 people on board. China is demanding it return.

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  23. Final push for new greek government to save euro zone

    Citing the findings of the survey on Greece’s economic, social and political well-being, a new initiative called Eurovision Song of the Year will be broadcast live on Greek television in early December. The show is expected to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Greece’s independence from the Ottoman Empire on 12 January 2018.

    The new initiative has been launched by the World Economic Forum, which will present it alongside the World Economic Forum’s World Economic News at the start of its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on 16-17 January.

    Cup celebrations lure young punters to the West End

    A new nightclub has opened in East End and is attracting hundreds of punters looking to revel in the West End.

    Downtown East End is the latest of a number of venues that have opened in the West End area of Nottinghamshire.

    Grimsby’s first nightclub, in a former shoe factory, opened in 2004. It was renamed Grimsby’s in 2010 after a fire at the company involved.

    And in 2003 it opened in East End, where it is still popular.

    There has been debate as to whether the town’s pubs need to expand further for Grimsby’s to grow.

    West End’s first nightclub

    In 2004, the then-Newshub paper headlined its page “Should West End pubs be renamed Grimsby’s?”

    It came after West End nightclubs, including Old Eton, closed the week before Christmas, with the only remaining clubs to host shows featuring pop stars.

    Grimsby’s head DJ Adam Chorford said, on the day the question was put forward, they had received thousands of responses from young punters.

    He said that even though West End pubs had been selling out for years, they were still welcoming punters.

    “We’re all incredibly open-minded so that’s why we’ve managed to attract people over the ages to a new and exciting area of our town,” he said.

    The West End’s first ‘gigadon’

    And the nightclub’s owners, Nick (Jay) Murray and Joanna Stiles, are keen to celebrate what they describe as a “first gilded box” for the town’s residents.

    Their plans for the West End are also to launch a live music gigadon for the West End residents in March.

    Mr Murray said: “People will get to see it as they wanted.

    “We can’t say it’s going to be huge yet but we can say it will be significant and positive.”

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    Victoria will also be on hand around the City to remind people to ride in a safe manner. The City says it can prevent crashes by flashing blue lights from the side of the road that drivers are trying to pass. If you see a driver moving his or her vehicle with an open door, turn right so it doesn’t hit you.


    The City of Vancouver and RCMP are also updating road signs to keep drivers safe. The sign on Kingsway West from St. Paul’s Church Road west to Port Moody Road will be updated to read: “Driving in an uncontrolled manner is dangerous, unsafe, or irresponsible, and could lead to serious injury or death.”


    The City of Vancouver will be updating road signs at all of its intersections in the Metro Vancouver area. The signs will be updated every 5 minutes as soon as possible to ensure drivers can determine the speed limit of cars heading in the same direction.


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    Fire at a warehouse on Highway 6 in Fort McMurray on Saturday. Fire crews were busy Saturday night fighting a raging blaze that killed at least 36 people. (Steve Russell/CBC)

    More than 200 firefighters were needed to fight the blaze, which reached the building’s fifth floor.

    Fire officials said they are working to stop the blaze, which has already destroyed one structure and forced several people from their homes, before spreading into other buildings.

    The blaze was about 100 metres away from the Fort McMurray Airport.

    The fire broke out around 2:30 a.m. as the warehouse was filling with the hot embers of the fire.

    A helicopter was seen picking up people on their way into the facility, but by the time it picked them up their evacuation orders expired and they were unable to leave.

    At least one person was injured and four people were taken to hospital, Fort McMurray Police Service said.

    In a press release, Emergency Management officials say they believe the fire broke out because a gas tank had been blocked under the exterior of one of the buildings where the warehouse was being set up.

    “The owner had set the fuel tank to overflow and the tank had been blocked by debris,” read the release.

    “Fire crews had to start removing debris from the area due to the threat.”

    There were a number of fires at nearby industrial facilities, including a fire in an aircraft hangar at a processing facility and another building at a meat processing plant.

    It’s a very dangerous fire situation, especially in a warehouse. – Greg Odom, emergency manager of Fort McMurray

    A helicopter also went into the area to assist fire crews.

    Crews said they weren’t expecting to see any more than a few people, but were trying to contain the fire as early as possible.

    There were no signs of serious injury or damage at any of the sites, and authorities said the fire was under control at about 2:45 a.m.

    RCMP Const. Keith McCauley said investigators were treating the incident as an active investigation at this point in time.

    It’s a very dangerous fire situation, especially in a warehouse. – Greg Odom, emergency manager of Fort McMurray

    ‘Treated this as a life and death situation’

    The fire started at the fourth floor of the building on Highway 6, with the facility’s floor-to-ceiling windows facing the highway on both sides of the parking lot, according to the fire department.

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    The MP, who was the first female leader of the Labour party and the first Labour MP from the Scottish Borders, said that while it was “great to be able to stand up here today”, he had to say goodbye to constituents.

    The election will be held on 15 May and will take place as scheduled on 2nd March 2013.

    Mr Worrall told the West Dunbartonshire People before the local community meeting: “When I stepped on the floor of this House in the wake of the first general election at Westminster I was confident, I was committed, I was a Labour leader. I made my decision to stand for re-election in Glasgow East, and I’ve been working with members of this community for three months and I have not lost any sleep over the last three months.”

    Mr Worrall revealed that last Monday he had the opportunity to meet local people about what they’d like to see change in their city.

    “In the short while that has happened, there has been a tremendous amount of engagement with the Glasgow city council, with a number of issues that I will look at in that first session,” he said.

    “In particular I am looking at the problem of crime and my intention is that the issue of crime that exists is that as part of every social agenda there will be initiatives on drugs.

    “One issue that is in that area is the issue of how to deal with the issue that is so many people in Glasgow and my intention to make sure that it’s addressed in a way that is acceptable to the communities that live there and the people that know the areas.”

    He went on: “My understanding is that crime will continue to be a very significant issue in our city.

    “I think we can do better. I think we can continue to engage with the police, with the council and with the business community in terms of how to tackle the issues that are there.

    “We can also look at ways to build a safer city that respects our communities and our streets and our culture – that’s something that is of particular importance to this community as well as those of us in power in general.”

    Mr Worrall said he had to deal with issues “in a way that isn’t perceived as negative, but where we can do it and achieve a change.”

    “That is what I am going to try and do this morning and I am very committed to doing it,” he said.

    He described himself as someone who “has never shied away from the struggle” of his “long and interesting

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    At a press conference in the court yesterday, Mr Justice Kaur had asked lawyers for both sides to give their thoughts on what was in his mind when he jumped the queue to receive the bail notice.

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